Art Book Of Amanda

Amanda Narain here, born and raised in Toronto. I've always known that I was artistically inclined since a very young age, however, it is only very recent that I have decided to make Art my sole priority. I decided to change my life which meant giving up a secure Executive level position in marketing of well established retail corporation ... pretty much to be happy. Reading that sounds crazy, but it made so much sense to me. I haven't looked back and haven't been happier.

My Style is very Unique. Very Raw, Natural with a Tribal Influence. It is very much an extension of my Soul. Although there are differences between My Illustration, My Paintings and My Fashion Art; they are still tied together by dot work and line work. Detail is something huge for me, that is where I come alive and create the story for each piece. 

I am a new Artist so my site will be constantly updated. Please come back every now and then to see what's been added!

'I believe in Love. I believe in Peace. Respect me enough to let my Energy radiate around me. Believe in my Energy- Believe in My Art. And you'll catch a glimpse of my Soul shining.'