Art Book Of Amanda

I am a multi- disciplinary artist based out of Toronto, Canada. My most developed styles consist of illustration, acrylic on canvas and aspirations in fashion design. Although results vary by style, inspiration from all of my work is drawn mainly from the same place, spirituality and nature. I find I need all of these styles to keep myself balanced and it is an amazing way to dig deeper into my Self. I am completely humbled that my work has been so openly accepted around the globe and am very excited to keep sharing my vision with the world.

My Style is very Unique. Very Raw, Natural with a Tribal Influence. It is very much an extension of my Soul. Although there are differences between My Illustration, My Paintings and My Fashion Art; they are still tied together by dot work and line work. Detail is something huge for me, that is where I come alive and create the story for each piece. 

'I believe in Love. I believe in Peace. Respect me enough to let my Energy radiate around me. Believe in my Energy- Believe in My Art. And you'll catch a glimpse of my Soul shining.'